Discerning superior business opportunities

Our business has evolved in 2003 in response to the fact that markets are increasingly under pressure to create measurable value in a volatile marketplace.

GROUP fortitude aspires to create new business opportunities and help its clients improve their business performance.

What differentiates GROUP fortitude to our clients?

To begin with, we expressly cater for the needs of mature and emerging clients and accentuate our cross-regional network between Southern Africa and Germany.

Strong partnerships and an impressive trace of facilitating businesses improve performance and attain better efficiencies. Network resources are about the success, not individual leadership.

Though, to advance one has to revise. Success repeatedly revolves around the power of change. This is why our business priorities include offering value through innovation and thus ensuring profitability. GROUP fortitude clearly attains its success through novelty which exceeds that of competitors.

In this regard, our associate partners are the single greatest competitive advantage. All our partners are experienced, upshot focused, devoted, energetic, enthusiastic and innovative. They all hold the fortitude for a challenging environment and every single member fuels the energy and drive of the GROUP. This energised network thrives to our accomplishment for the benefit of our clients.

Further: the “focus on diversity”. It has created particular advantages for South Africa and there are only a few countries who understand diversity as well as South Africa does. Endowed with healthy attributes, the nation is at the outset of economic transformation and the entire region has embarked to follow.

And ultimately, we assess that substantial challenges arise out of German economy, the largest in Europe. Extraordinary business opportunities come to pass, accepting that the expansion of Europe with the accession of ten countries calls for greatest adaptability and business innovation. To succeed, traditional explanations and prescriptions are no longer adequate.

Markets linger exciting to build prosperous business. Synchronised proficiencies and innovation will pass both Southern Africa and German commerce far-reaching opportunities.

We are convinced, seizing these impending challenges will significantly strengthen the foothold in business.

Wilhelm Lehmann
CEO and managing partner